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SpeaBora is a web-based and mobile app platform that allows businesses and individuals to inquire and purchase genuine Automobile parts directly from vehicle Manufactures' Inventories in South Africa, Europe and USA.

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"For durability and safety, vehicle owners in Africa needs only genuine parts to be fitted in their vehicles. We therefore simplify the access of genuine parts by ordering only from manufacturers and deliver wherever you are in Africa. All done online and through the App where you can request and pay in any currency or mobile money any time"

Speabora Founder, Mohamed Majapa


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Only Original Parts

We facilitate access and purchase of only original parts from Manufacturers' inventory in South Africa, Europe, Japan or USA

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Upload Image

If you do not know the description of your part, or your Chassis/VIN number, no problem. Simply upload the image on the App or Web platform and we will do the rest

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Request and Order on behalf of someone

You can buy a part on behalf of someone else who may not have a smart phone/App by simply using your session and use their cell number for follow up. All the quotations and notifications will be sent via SMS to them. You can do same by selecting their country where you want the order to be shipped

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Select your delivery mode

We deliver directly to your doorstep/place of business anywhere in Africa. If you wish to ship on your own we are happy to organize that too

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Up-front Pricing

You will receive total cost of your spare parts including shipping and clearance charges for your country anywhere in Africa via Email, SMS and/or App notification. Receive discounted shipping costs on consolidated shipments. Once you approve you can proceed with payment/ordering

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In-App Messaging

Follow up on your request or negotiate better price through in-App instant messaging feature. You can also communicate with us via our Whatsapp number as listed on the contact

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Convenient payment

Pay with mobile money such as M-pesa, Tigo-pesa, Paypal all through the web platform or Mobile App; or EFT/Bank Deposit/Transfer physically; whichever easy for you


Real Time Tracking

Track your order shipment on the Web platform/Mobile App and get notifications via e-mail and SMS on shipment and custom clearance



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